Garage Rollers

When Not to Use Garage Roller Doors

Garage roller doors are frequently marketed as space and labour saving devices which can make a positive difference to your garage. Roller doors may be manually operated or can be connected to a power supply, enabling the door to be raised or lowered at the touch of a button. Unfortunately in some situations they can…

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How to Design a Compact Garage

Are you an automobile enthusiast? If so, you may be searching for ways to use your garage in a more efficient manner. Whether referring to restoring old vehicles or simply tinkering around on your days off, this can be a fun and rewarding hobby. Unfortunately, you could find that the space necessary to accomplish even…

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Multi-Car Garages and What to Think About

A multi-car garage is an excellent addition to any home. When parking a vehicle on the street or during inclement weather is not an option, the protection and security that these garages offer cannot be denied. Still, there are several things to think about when designing such spaces. So, what are some of the top…

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