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How to Design a Compact Garage

Are you an automobile enthusiast? If so, you may be searching for ways to use your garage in a more efficient manner. Whether referring to restoring old vehicles or simply tinkering around on your days off, this can be a fun and rewarding hobby. Unfortunately, you could find that the space necessary to accomplish even the most basic of tasks is at a premium. There are a few top tips to overcome this obstacle and within a very short period of time, you will be able to use the space in your garage in the best ways possible. Let us take a closer look.

Upright Storage

Many garages suffer from a massive amount of clutter. While this may be unsightly in larger areas, it can be crippling within a confined space. An excellent solution to this is to consider investing in an upright tool storage chest. These are available in numerous shapes and sizes; designed to accommodate your exact needs. Also, most will be provided with a lifetime warranty; perfect if you are planning to use them quite a bit.


While your garage needs to be functional, it should also be pleasant to work in. Many will choose to paint the walls and ceiling with a lighter colour such as white or beige. This serves two unique purposes. First of all, a greater sense of light leads to a feeling of openness that would otherwise be lacking. Secondly, small objects such as nuts and bolts can be more easily found if they are contrasted by a light background.

Overhead Storage

Most garages will have a certain amount of overhead storage. This is a great place to stow away items that are not being used terribly often. If your space happens to have beams running across the top, place a piece of plywood over them to create a very functional “attic” area. Common items which can be stored here include cans of oil, cleaning accessories, spare parts and upholstery.

Add a Window

You will want to be able to enjoy as much ambient light as possible within your garage. Installing a double-glazed window in the appropriate spot is a great idea. Not only will these windows provide an even further sense of openness, but their insluating benefits cannot be overlooked. This is particularly important during the colder months of autumn and winter.

Car Movers

Getting around your vehicle within a confined area can be difficult. Furthermore, the use of a traditional jack may be out of the question. So, a quality vehicle mover is a suitable alternative. Not only can these devices support a great deal of weight, but they will not take up a massive amount of space when not in use. When you are able to work in comfort, challenging and physically awkward tasks can be accomplished much quicker than would normally be the case.

So, it is clear to see that a compact garage does not necessarily have to hold you back in terms of mobility. These are some easy and quick tips which can provide you with the working space that you need.