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Multi-Car Garages and What to Think About

A multi-car garage is an excellent addition to any home. When parking a vehicle on the street or during inclement weather is not an option, the protection and security that these garages offer cannot be denied. Still, there are several things to think about when designing such spaces. So, what are some of the top concerns that you will need to address beforehand?

Adequate Ventilation

The emission of carbon monoxide in the form of exhaust is a real danger in this scenario. This colourless and odourless gas causes countless fatalities each year. The garage needs to be equipped with an adequate amount of ventilation; preferably in the form of an exhaust fan. Most fans will be hooked up to a light switch so that they will automatically activate when the garage is in use.

Car Movers

When regularly servicing your vehicles is a priority, you will need to be able to move around them with both accuracy and precision. In this case, robust car movers are perfect additions. Not only are you guaranteed a more streamlined working environment, but these movers will also make certain that the vehicles themselves are not damaged during any work in progress.

Electrical Outlets

There is no such concept as having too many power receptacles within your garage. If you only have access to a few outlets, a wiring upgrade may be in order. As opposed to dragging around cumbersome and dangerous electrical cords, you will be able to quickly plug in numerous devices in a matter of seconds. Also, it is worthwhile noting that many machines such as generators and pneumatic wrenches will require two hundred and twenty volts (220V) of power. You should have at least one outlet designated to handle this voltage and it should be located on a completely separate fuse.

Multiple Exits

One of the issues encountered within many multi-car garages is the unfortunate fact that it can be difficult to navigate around numerous vehicles when exiting and entering. More importantly, only one exit may require you to shuffle past a classic or newly restored car; potentially causing scratches or other forms of damage. Equipping the room with front and rear exits can help you to avoid this issue.


If you enjoy tinkering around with your vehicles, upright storage is an important concept to keep in mind. Not only will these units save a great deal of space, but they can normally be wheeled around to offer you easy access to the tool in question. Of course, such items come in numerous shapes and sizes. Such a modular nature will enable you to choose the one which fits best within the environment.

A Rolling Shop Creeper

This may be a bit of an unfamiliar term to you. A creeper is a device which enables you to lay on your back and access the undercarriage of a vehicle. As this unit is on wheels, you will be able to quickly move from one location to another. Modern creepers are actually quite comfortable and the best even contain electrical supplies to power a torch or another piece of equipment.

These are some of the top considerations to take into account when designing any multi-car garage. Implementing such ideas will provide you with an extra sense of comfort and working on your vehicles can truly be enjoyed.