Garage Rollers

Not just for Cars – Making the Most from your Garage

Houses can be busy, crowded places, especially if you come from a large family. And though chattering siblings, whistling kettles and a blaring television set can be fun, it’s not uncommon to yearn for a little peace and quiet. Retiring to your room may not always be an option (pesky little brothers have a nasty habit of smelling you out) – in that case, seeking an alternative space may be your best bet, whether you’re looking to spend some alone time or hang out with your friends.

Fortunately enough, that space may not be as elusive as it sounds. A garage is typically large enough to convert into an attractive haven, even if that haven is no larger than an empty corner. Read on for helpful tips that will have you on your way to making the most of your garage:

  • Stick a dartboard to the wall. It’s amazing what a game of darts and a few beers can do to a boring afternoon!

  • Browse through flea markets for items that can jazz up your space without breaking the bank. Look in particular for comfy armchairs, stools and low tables that can turn your corner into a comfortable retreat. Add some cushions, and you can start having friends over for drinks and a friendly poker game.

  • If physical space is limited, bring your laptop! You and your friends can kick back, listen to music or watch a live game. Why not make it a little more interesting by placing a few bets? Just make sure you’re familiar with all the ins and outs before taking the plunge and impress your guests with your outstanding knowledge!

Any more tips? Toss in a little creativity, and you’ll soon be finding yourself seeking out your refuge more and more often.